Why did BMW change their grille?

Why do BMW have different colored grills?

BMW partnered with the Texaco oil company during the early racing days. The PURPLE color represents the merging of the two companies as partners in motorsport. Overlapping the blue over the red results in the color purple. This is a simple and elegant way to represent the partnership of two brands by.

Why does BMW have such big grilles?

There is some merit to this view, as models such as the 303 and 328 featured large double kidney apertures. However, the use of these large grilles was largely due to functional necessity; as the grilles became stylised such as with the 503, they gradually decreased in size.

Will BMW get rid of the big grill?

In other words, BMW has no plans to pluck the 4’s big grille on to its other models. That does not mean the distinct design detail will be a one-and-done deal, though, and Dukec noted concepts such as the BMW iNext and i4 both utilized a similar front-end design.

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What BMWS have the new grill?

There’s never a day that we don’t see someone from the interwebs lambast the new grille design of the BMW 4 Series, as well as the M3 and M4 combo.

What do the 3 stripes on BMW mean?

So, in an attempt to court Texaco, the Bavarians designed a logo and racing livery with three stripes, one of them being red, the color of Texaco’s logo. A light blue stripe was added opposite the red stripe to represent BMW, as it’s a similar blue to the Bavarian flag colors featured in its own Roundel.

What do the 3 stripes on BMW grill mean?

According to BMW Blog, the blue stripe represents the automaker and the Bavarian region from which it hails. The red stripe represents U.S. oil giant Texaco, which partnered with BMW during the early days of M racing.

Which BMW has the biggest grille?

After months of teasers and speculation, BMW finally unveiled the new-generation M3, confirming what we already knew from the spy shots: the high-performance model features a pair of oversized kidney grilles in the front, a big departure from the standard 3 Series it is based on.

Why are new car grills getting bigger?

Headlights don’t even have to be as big as they used to be and that would free up some real estate but then that space needs to be filled and this is why most cars are getting more aggressive in their design and bigger grilles are part of that new design and filling the empty space.

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Why are new car grilles so big?

Big grills are designed by car makers for easier identification of the brand with their brand name, logo on it. Like the BMW, Audi, which have their distinctive logg affixed to the large grills. Also these grills provide better aerodynamics and wind draft for cooling of the radiator.

Who designed BMW new grill?

The newest kidney grille — which debuted on the current 4 Series — is controversial, to say the least. Fans on social media denounced it, but BMW’s head of design, Demagogy Dukec, recently told Autocar the grille isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Is BMW changing the 4 Series Grill?

That’s why the latest grille design on the BMW 4 Series sedan has really shaken up the BMW community. The kidney grille has been drastically shortened, now looking like a pair of buck teeth. Some thought the automaker would reconsider this design choice, but it’s still there for the 2022 model.

Will 3 series get big grill?

The standard 3-series has an appropriately sized grille, but we’ve spotted the high-performance M3 with the oversized kidney grille from the new 4-series.

Why is BMW grille called kidney?

The BMW 303 represents a milestone in BMW history in two respects: firstly, the mid-size sedan was the company’s first six-cylinder model; and secondly, it was the first vehicle to bear what has become a hallmark that still characterises BMW nearly 90 years later – the air intake in the form of a pair of kidneys, that …