What can you grill on cedar planks?

What can you grill on a wood plank?

Grilling on a hardwood plank keeps your food away from the direct heat of the grill. The plank serves as a heat shield and helps flavor your food. Many people stick with grilling salmon or other types of fish on a plank, but you can experiment by grilling other meats, vegetables, fruits and even cheese.

Can you cook steak on a cedar plank?

Sear the steaks on both sides on direct heat for a couple of minutes. Now place a few slices of onions on the charred cedar plank and place the seared steak on top. Close the lid and let it cook to your taste. Carefully pull the plank off the grill and let it sit for a couple of minutes.

What can I do with cedar planks?

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

  1. Create an Accent Wall. Using just a few planks of cedarwood, you can create a stylized accent wall for your home. …
  2. Create a Planter Box. …
  3. Create a Vegetable Garden. …
  4. Create a Hanging Shelf. …
  5. Create a Window Box Planter. …
  6. Create a Wishing Well. …
  7. Create Farmhouse Shutters. …
  8. Create a Bath Mat.
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Can you grill with cedar wood?

Cooking with cedar planks isn’t just for barbecuing; it works great in the oven, too! Simply place the plank on a baking sheet, and then arrange the meat, vegetables or fruit on top. You’ll achieve the same smoky flavor and juicy tenderness, without the smoke that sometimes comes with outdoor grilling over higher heat.

Can you cook filet mignon on a cedar plank?

Sear fillets for 2 minutes per side. Reduce grill temperature (or move plank to cooler side of grill) to medium-low. Place plank on grill and transfer filets to plank.

What wood is best for steaks?

Use a hard wood for grilling, perhaps oak, or a fruit wood, such as cherry, pecan, hickory, or mesquite. Avoid any kind of pine or cedar.

How do you use a grilling plank?

How to Use Grilling Planks

  1. Soak the plank in warm water for up to 15 minutes, keeping it submerged. Pro tip: Soak it in juice, apple cider vinegar, or even wine for added flavor.
  2. Place seasoned food on the plank. …
  3. Place plank on preheated grill or in oven. …
  4. Cook food as desired. …
  5. Serve and enjoy!

Can you use a cedar plank on a gas grill?

Gas grills are fast and easy, but don’t offer the flavor of charcoal – but toss in a cedar plank and teach that old gas grill some tasty new tricks!

How do you use a cedar plank on a charcoal grill?

To use Cedar (and other flavor) planks on the charcoal grill, simply follow the steps as you normally would to preheat your grill. (Add charcoal to grill, light the charcoal, wait for the coals to be covered with gray ash and add your cooking grate to the grill.) Soak your plank in water for up to 1 hour.

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How do cedar grilling planks work?

Prior to cooking, the Cedar plank should be soaked in warm water for 15 minutes. As the Cedar plank is heated the moisture pulls wood flavor out of the wood and gently cooks the salmon. Native American tribes in the Pacific Northwest have been cooking salmon on Western Red Cedar for thousands of years.

What can I make with cedar?

Here’s one you can make yourself out of durable, rot-resistant western red cedar that will last a lifetime.

  • Cedar Planter Box. Build your own cedar planter box. …
  • Garden Arbor With Bench. Build an arbor with a bench in your garden. …
  • DIY Picnic Table. Build a picnic table and benches. …
  • Wooden Ice Chest.

What can I do with cedar branches?

Cedar branches can be strewn along mantlepieces, used as centerpieces or turned into holiday wreathes. Whether used for a particular holiday celebration or as traditional seasonal greenery, once cut, cedar branches must be preserved immediately in order to maintain their shape and color.

What is cedar wood good for?

Outside, cedar has natural weather-resistant properties that make it a good choice for siding, shingles, decking, greenhouses, arbors and fences. It’s considered to be a “durable” wood that can withstand exposure to the elements, but it’s not completely rot-resistant.