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New Market in Manotick for Coffey’s Coffee

Manotik 19Jul14 Market 2


It’s always gratifying when someone recognizes your business as a benefit for the community. A couple of weeks ago I got an email from the manager of the Manotick Farmer’s Market, Jack Williams, asking me if I wanted to be a vendor. I know Jack from other events that I have attended as a vendor and obviously he recognizes how great my coffee is and that it would add value to his market.

I drove up to see the market on one weekend. It is in a great scenic spot in Manotick and the people walking through the market were really positive and appreciative to have the market there. The next week I showed up as a vendor. I wasn’t the only new vendor either. The market had grown from 6 vendors to 15. The third week I went to the market there were still 15 vendors and the number of people shopping were at least double. …as were my sales. I even sold a number of espressos and cappuccinos. It appears that there is a much more sophisticated coffee consuming public up there near Ottawa.

There were a lot more tourists there visiting the Watson’s Mill and Dickinson’s House Museum who wandered over to enjoy a great cup of coffee.

Watson's Mill 1


Dickinson's House Museum

Dickinson’s House Museum


It is over an hour drive to Manotick but how can I not go where I am so appreciated. It feels good to be wanted.

Morning Ritual


The Morning Ritual