A Cup of Tea Please?


Holy hot caffeine, it’s February already and I haven’t posted anything since December. While January is usually a slow month here at Coffey’s Coffee there is no reason to be negligent. I did manage to get in a week of sun and sand while the lull was on. A lot of my customers usually receive coffee as a Christmas gift from well meaning relatives and friends and they feel they have to respect the gift by using it up before coming back to yours truly to get the good stuff. Actually the comparison is pretty good marketing for my coffee.

Today though, I am going to focus on the other caffeine sources that I sell. Coffey’s Coffee does offer a limited selection of excellent teas and organic hot chocolate. I don’t grow the tea or cacoa but I do buy it from an ethical supplier and have it available in different size packages. Actually I can put it in any size package you want because it is all loose leaf. If you look on the prices section of this site you will see that I have Keemum Superior Black tea, Classic Earl Grey, Chinese Gunpowder Green, Moroccan Mint Green and Lemon Sublime Green. I do have Chinese Sencha in pyramide tea bags also.

The hot chocolate that I have available is certified organic with the sugar coming from Cuba and the cocoa from Peru. That is all there is in the product, NO milk ingredients, chemical additives or preservatives. You can add your own marshmallow.

So there you have it, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. What more do you need to satisfy your caffeine cravings?


Post Christmas Regrets

Grinch needs coffee

Christmas is now over as are the inevitable Christmas dinner and the pre-Christmas feast the night before. In my younger years Christmas Eve meant consuming mass quantities of beer and wine and party until the morning. We would then open our gifts and then go to bed. Now it’s eat until midnight, go to bed, get up and take an antacid, go back to bed and moan and groan until it’s time to get up for breakfast. Even the best cup of coffee can’t do anything about all the food you stuffed into your gullet except help it vent in the morning.

It was then time to start preparing the actual Christmas feast so a quick shot of espresso to get me off the couch and we started all over again. By Christmas night after more mass quantities of food I was once again sitting on my couch thinking about portion sizes. If I can measure out coffee to the gram to prepare a pot of coffee why can’t I judge appropriate portion sizes of potatoes, meat and desserts to stuff in my face. I get the portion sizes of vegetables just right.

So once again I find myself thinking Boxing Day wisdom about how I’m not going to eat that much next Christmas. I am also planning the left over meal today, hmmm left overs.

Maybe I should go for a long walk and then make a nice strong pot of of fresh roasted Nicaragua Maracaturra to help me contemplate the probability of having to buy larger cloths while they are on sale.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Coffey’s Coffee.

Garfield Morning Coffee

Christmas Market Season

A Little Too Much Christmas Spirit Maybe?

A Little Too Much Christmas Spirit Maybe?

It is now legitimate to start marketing Christmas.  Remembrance Day has passed and we observed with gratitude the sacrifices that Canadians and others worldwide have made in war to protect our way of life and government.

Coffey’s Coffee will be at several indoor Christmas Markets this year. Indoor is very important at this time of year. It could be raining or snowing or just plain frigid and sunny but it doesn’t matter if you’re indoors.

The first is actually next weekend in Chesterville at the Chesteville Legion from 9 AM to 2 PM, 21 September.

The next one is the Ingleside Craft Show (R-O Craft Show) at the Rothwell Osnabruck school on Friday November 27, 4-8 PM, and Saturday 28 from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Then there is the Kemptville Farmer’s Christmas Market In Kemptville inside the Old Giant Tiger from 12 to 4 PM on December 6th and 13th. The market is also open on November 29th but Coffey’s Coffee won’t be there……so why bother.

Minion Coffee

Coffee Weather Is Coming!

Coffee Personalities

Actually true coffeeists (coffee enthusiasts) will consumer coffee in any weather. In the heat of the summer it will cool your body by contrast and in the cold of winter it will warm your toes. Any excuse for a hit of well brewed and fresh roasted liquid nirvana.

Thanksgiving in Canada has come and gone. Just about all the farmer’s markets are closed for the year and Coffey’s Coffee has now moved indoors until next May. My roasters have always been indoors but now I will be selling my coffee from the comfort of my home or at a special once a year indoor market over the winter.

We have currently received a couple of new beans and have de-listed a couple of beans. The Nepal Mount Everest and the Jamaican Blue Mountain have been removed from our sales list as well as the Tanzanian Peaberry. Hopefully they will become available at a reasonable price in the future.

We have added Papua New Guinea once again. It has been described as “a crisp, clean acidic coffee with dark chocolate overtones”. Also the Nicaragua Maracatura is listed by my supplier as “offers great presence, subtle spicy notes and a wonderful aftertaste” ……but I haven’t cupped either of these coffees yet to confirm or expand upon the marketing blurb.


The New Old Grind

Grinder #1

The summer is all but officially over. That actually happens this Monday. The farmers’ markets pretty much all close on Thanksgiving but they are all winding down. Now we are coming into comfort food season with lots of stews, soups and cabbage rolls and a perfect time to renew your interest in fresh roasted premium coffee.

And if you are going to get some fresh coffee the best way to enjoy it is to grind it yourself. Grinding it as you need it gives you two avenues of pleasure. One is the aroma of the coffee as it is being ground and the second happens when you sip that fresh brewed coffee. I have been asked what kind of grinder to buy and always tell them “Don’t buy those twirling blade things. They don’t even call them coffee grinders anymore. Now they are known as spice mills. If you have one already and like using it then just enjoy and when it breaks think about upgrading to a burr grinder with ceramic grinding plates.”

Some of my customers have complained about the high price of the burr grinders because they can be priced anywhere from $50 to $1200 depending on quality. Some manufacturers are better than others and basically you get what you pay for. In light of that Coffey’s Coffee has brought in some manual grinders to offer my customers. Now only will you get a consistent particle size in the grind but you will get a little excersise while you water is coming to a boil.

We now have two styles of Hario manual coffee grinders in stock. One is the ecomomical Skerton 100g Ceramic Coffee Mill for $38.00 each and the other is the decorative Canister 120g Ceramic Coffee Mill for $60.00.

Grinder Hario Canister

Hario Canister Ceramic Coffee Mill 120g capacity

Grinder Hario Skerton

Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill 100g capacity

The Coffee Zombies Are Coming For You

Coffee Zombie

Every morning you see them slowly wandering towards the source of their addiction, the Coffee Zombies. They line up at take out counters or sit in their cars waiting mindlessly for a hit of their drug that prepares them for another day of work, seeking out brains to keep themselves and their families alive.

How do we stop the mindless horde from taking over the world? It may be too late in some areas but there is still hope for the smaller, more enlightened communities. Even in cities where there is a high ratio of zombie producing coffee-like beverage chains, there are freedom fighters who remember what real coffee tastes like. They avoid the convenient evil gut wrenching brew and chose to make their own delicious caffeine nectar in the confines of their own home. Just a little bit of effort and good quality ingredients will forever banish the Zombie plague from your immediate family.
Coffey’s Coffee is here to help you keep the Zombies at bay. We offer fresh roasted quality coffee, the way you want it. We also offer brewers for those who are not satisfied with the run of the mill electric drip machines. Take control of your life and don’t follow the Zombies to the same old sour tasting witches brew. Set a good example for your friends and family by taking a little effort and drink the good stuff.

Don’t let the Zombies drag you down.

French Press with tea option

French Press with tea option

Neapolitan Coffee Maker

Neapolitan Coffee Maker


Gamea Fully Automatic Espresso Maker

Gamea Fully Automatic Espresso Maker


short life coffee


Canada Day, Fun Fest and Farmer’s Markets

Coffee Sense of Humour


OK it’s been a while since I posted here. The summer has started which includes the Farmer’s Markets. This years I am only going to the Chesterville Market on Saturdays. It is a beautiful market in a great location with very little stress. The only thing I have a problem with is getting up earlier than usual in the morning, but then I always complain about that.

Chesterville Market 23May15 1

Besides the farmer’s market I have also participated in several one day events in the area. There was Fun Fest in Long Sault and the Canada Day celebrations at the Lost Villages near Long Sault. I was scheduled for an Arts Event but I was sidelined by kidney stones for that event. There will be plenty of other arts and special events coming up this summer so I am still going to be quite busy.

I did create a new blend for the Canada Day celebration. It is called Canadian Blend (I know, boring eh) and it combines coffee from two of Canadian’s favorite vacation spots, Cuba and Dominican Republic. It is a deliciously mild roast but full bodied with a mild acidity and plenty of sweet spiciness. It will only be available once a year and once my current stock is gone, it’s gone.

Coffee and Chicken 5

Don’t Try This On Earth.

Future Coffee Warrior


Coffee is so important to the human race that NASA is trying to figure out how to drink it in space. Apparently gravity has a lot to do with the way we Earth-bound bipeds taste and enjoy our daily caffeine fix. As you will see from the video, they applied a lot of science to help our astronauts indulge in a cup of Joe.



Back here in Ingleside, I am pleased to announce that Coffey’s Coffee will be participating in the Chesterville Farmer’s Market on Saturdays starting May 23rd and in the Maxville Farmer’s Market on Friday afternoons starting on May 22nd. The hours for the Maxville market are from 3 PM to 7 PM and the Chesterville Market is open from 9 AM to 2 PM.

Coffee and Chicken 4

Benefits of Coffee Recognized by US Government

Coffee and Chicken 1

Well if the United States Government says it’s true it must be, right? After all the research done into the benefits of moderate coffee consumption, the US has decided that it must be true. It seems that even pregnant women can indulge in a little caffeine now rather than abstain all the way through their pregnancy.

Benefits of Coffee

Spring has sprung and we are entering into the “Market Season”. The first official event of the spring is the Small Business Spring Showcase this coming weekend at the South Stormont Town Hall. I’ll be there with a hot cup of coffee ready for anyone who wants to be healthy.

On the coffee front, I have had to de-list the Ethiopian Harrar because of a lack of supply. I will not be carrying the Jamaica Blue Mountain as well this year because the price has just about doubled because of a poor crop. It always puzzles me that when there is a poor crop the price goes up. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? I guess that’s why I’m a coffee roaster and not an economist.

Growing Coffee Trees

Growing Coffee Trees


Happy Birthday to Me!

06Oct12 Benny the Bean


Yes once again I have survived to celebrate another birthday. My theme song for this year was the Beatle’s “When I’m 64”.

It’s a month later and it still hasn’t gotten any warmer. For a coffee business that is a good thing because people are looking for a good hot cup of coffee. Sales just keep going up and up.

There is nothing new and positive on the coffee supply front or I should say on my coffee supply front. My supplier has run out of Jamaica Blue Mountain and is running short on the Galapagos Island coffee. They are even running out of Costa Rican coffee. But never fear there is always something new to try so I’ll look forward to the opportunity to bring in something different.

I have brought in some new hot chocolate though to help fight off the chills from this frigid weather. Now I can offer you some individual portion pack flavoured hot chocolate. I have Raspberry, Roasted Almonds, Vanilla Hazelnut and Regular Hot Chocolate.

I did come across yet another article extolling the healthy virtues of coffee for your reading pleasure.

How Coffee Makes You Live Longer.

Coffee and Chicken 1