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To start with, yes, Coffey is his real family name. You could say it was destiny or fate that steered Reg into coffee roasting. It wasn’t until he moved to Hershey, PA, in 1998 that he began roasting coffee as a hobby. He started it primarily to satisfy his own needs but it wasn’t long before his friends and co-workers began asking him to roast coffee for them as well. After repatriating to Canada in 2001 his hobby soon became his passion and he attended the Coffee Training Institute in San Francisco to improve his understanding of coffee roasting. Since then he has steadily developed his skill and capability to provide coffee lovers with fresh roasted premium coffees from around the world.

Reg was born and raised in Cornwall and graduated from St. Lawrence College in 1975. He was recruited right out of college by the Federal Government and moved to Toronto to work in the lab at the Health Protection Branch of the Department of Health and Welfare, now called Health Canada. Over thirty some odd years Reg has been employed in a wide variety of roles in the food industry, Process Development Project Leader, Research Scientist, Analytical Chemist, Quality Assurance Manager and Regulatory Affairs Manager to mention a few. The companies that employed Reg were both large and small with Canada Packers Ltd, George Weston Ltd and of course the Canadian Government being the most recognizable. In 2007 Reg and his wife moved to Ingleside where he has transformed his hobby to a new business, Coffey’s Coffee.

As the chair of the food safety committee for the Baking Association of Canada, Reg represented the entire baking industry before the Federal Standing Committee on Health on Parliament Hill in 2005 concerning the trans fatty acid consultation.

While Reg has grown his coffee roasting business he still maintains his labeling consulting business for the food industry. The preparation of labels and nutritional labels for food products is a specialized skill witch requires detailed information of the Food and Drugs Act as well as the numerous other acts and regulations that control the sale of foods.

Reg joined the South Stormont Chamber of Commerce in 2008 and has been a director from  2009 to 2014. His actions to save the chamber from dissolution has helped the Chamber to survive. He was also the vice-president of the Long Sault Farmer’s Market Committee and is an active participant in many of the local trade and craft shows.

Reg is also active in the newly formed Ingleside Long Sault Lost Villages Lions Club. He is a founding member and is currently a member of the board of directors.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Tom Olien

    Welcome back home Reg – 5 years now. My wife & I are new to the area (this August) at Pilon Point, East of Cornwall near Charlottenburg Park. Your site was a pleasant welcome to a special feature of the area. Came across the site by accident while looking to see if there was a store in Cornwall besides Sears that might sell a modest new Expresso machine. Replaceable gasket on my old little Krups is replaceable but the screws to remove the “hot plate” are seized. Free from brother-in-law 10 years ago – I think I’ll chuck it.
    That’s a lot of gab for just saying hello, but it felt like the kind of gab you encourage.
    Any advice on what and where to get a $150 to $300 Expresso Machine in Cornwall or West Montreal would be welcomed. Obviously not a K-Cup fad device, because then I could not try out some of your coffee.
    Back in Toronto I came across Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and developed a looking for it. Is your Ethiopian similar?
    Love your story of following your passion to a productive end. Roast on.

  2. Michael mazur

    Likewise above, Reg. we are tired of cheapo coffee makers.

    Any recommendations for a good coffee machine that will last?

    Also did you get me email from yesterday re: recommendations and pending order and visit?



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