New and Used Equipment

New and Used Equipment from Coffey’s Coffee


French Press Coffee Maker


French Press with tea option

This French Press comes with two filters, one for making coffee, the other for tea. Its thermal wrap also ensures you maintain the right temperature of the water while extracting the best from your coffee or infusing the best of your tea. The outside thermal wrap comes in black or chrome for only $29.00 plus HST.


Neapolitan Coffee Maker –  OUT OF STOCK

Neapolitan Coffee Maker

This beautifully designed Neapolitan stainless steel flip coffee maker is a drip brew coffee maker for the stove top. Unlike a Moka Express, a Napoletana does not use the pressure of steam to force the water through the coffee, relying instead on gravity. Make sure to select the Neapolitan grind for your coffee! Instructions included. For only $45.00 this is a great gift for a coffee enthusiast.


Gamea Fully Automatic Espresso Cappuccino Maker

Gamea Fully Automatic Espresso Maker


The Gamea Fully Automatic  Espresso Machine is perfect for home and office. It has many selectable functions such as 8 selectable languages, automatic milk frother, self cleaning and descaling, selectable grind levels, coffee qty, strength, water hardness level, water temp and more! The dimensions of the machine makes it easy to find room on the kitchen counter (11 in (W) X 16.75 in (L) X 14.5 in (H)) and it uses normal household power (1350 W • Voltage: 120V 60Hz). It also has dual stainless steel boilers with a removable 2.0 L Water tank and a conical burr grinder. It comes in three different colours, Black, Cocoa Silver and Silver Pearl and is a bargain at $799.95.


Manual Coffee Grinder


Name Price per Unit (plus HST)
French Press Coffee Maker $29.00
Neapolitan Coffee Maker  $45.00
Gamea Espresso Maker  OUT OF STOCK $619.47
 Manual Coffee Grinder  $30.00



Used Equipment

Coffey’s Coffee has a range of used commercial equipment including commercial grinders and brewers. The office should be contacted to find out the availability and prices of the equipment.

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