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  1. coffeyscoffee Post author

    Sorry but I am about 400 km east of the west end of Toronto. If you need coffee right away I would recommend:

    The Green Beanery
    565 Bloor Street West Toronto
    Ontario, M5S 1Y6
    CANADA Phone: 416-588-7700, ext. 249

  2. Francis Clark

    I was hoping to get some more green beens form you for home roasting. If your at the market, or I could pic them up at the store or in Ingleside. Let me know.


  3. Francis Clark

    Green Beans.

    Morning Coffee, could I get 3 bags of green beans at 2 lb a bag? I was thinking Australian Skybury if you have it, some Nicaragua Mataglaps, and Galapagos. If you can not do that, what every you have thats new would be grate.

    And I am aware of the pricing problem. The thing that kicks me, is all the big rosters are siting on all that bad coffee they ware houses when coffee prices where low. Now there going to pump that ‘stuff’ out, and there price will not reflect the acutely cost. It acutely went up %45, so, %30 is a good deal. Some people make the case that the supple of hi quality coffee will drop off, as there is no incentive for the farmer to take that extra care. The price is already up per pound, so there no incentive to put care into the sorting to add value to there produce.

  4. Francis Clark

    Coffee, could I get some green beens? A pound of something you think would be fun. I could pick up at the Ink.


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