Time Flies

I didn’t realize that it has been almost a month since my last post. It’s time to rectify that.

I guess I was a little bummed out the last time I posted and I was considering dropping the blog all together. I still don’t have a lot of people coming to my blog site, well actually none, but that has not stopped me from doing stuff before. I don’t really know what I expect but I guess a couple of people reading my blog regularly would be nice.
Well anyway, this week I decided to add a little video of my sign spinning. It is symbolic of my spinning my wheels.

OK, the video is the wrong format for this blog and I don’t have a video editor. OK how about a picture of the South Stormont Chamber of Commerce trade show that I was at.

My Booth

In the past month I have been roasting regularly and getting my yard up to snuff for the summer. Our garden is ready and my dear wifey (she will smack me if she knows I called her wifey) has already planted most of the vegetables we are growing this year. Unfortunately we are also growing a healthy crop of Creeping Charlie and dandelions in our lawn. Here in Ontario we can’t use herbicides on our lawns anymore, not that I ever did. That would take some planning and actual work to apply herbicides. I believe in low impact grass. That is low impact on my time and effort. I don’t even fertilize. If you fertilize then the grass grows and you have to cut it more often. You would also have to water to keep the grass from totally dying. My low impact grass may turn brown when it is dry but all it takes is one rainy day and it bounces back. Yes the Creeping Charlie and dandelions are very resilient, but they are green.

I had a vendors table at a conference this month. It was a meeting of Probus from the Eastern Ontario region. You might be wondering what Probus is. I did. I guessed that it was a convention of Alien abductors. I was wrong of course. It is actually an organization for retired Rotarians. I think the aliens would have been less scary. Three hundred little old white haired ladies (and gentlemen) with canes streamed by my table sampling and criticizing my coffee. I thought I was going to be beaten to death because I didn’t have any non-dairy creamers.

Oh well, the downtown farmers market is starting up again the first weekend in June. I should have something interesting to write about.

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  1. Dave West

    Reg I listened to your Seaway broadcast and you di OK! Liked the musical interludes. Please continue to have fun with this.



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