Happy 2018

I think it’s obvious that I am slowing down, at least as far as posting here goes. Last year I was a vendor at three different farmers’ markets, acting as Chair of the Board of Directors at one, market manager at another and the third just as a vendor. That was a lot of work for an old guy. This year my plans are a little more modest. I might go to one market as a vendor and forget about all the stress of organizing vendors.

I have been rationalizing my stock since last summer. I would love to offer a selection of higher end coffees but not enough people in my little part of Ontario are adventurous to try them nor practice ostentatious consumption in their diet. Who knows, maybe this latest screw-up by Tim Hortens over the minimum wage increase will get more people to look at good tasting options to their usually Timmies Double-Double. If that happens then maybe I can bring back the Cuban or Galapagos Island coffees….but I don’t think I will even carry the Jamaican Blue Mountain or Kopi Luwac again. So I will be picking up a small selection of cost effective coffees at my supplier in Montreal next week.

Over the winter I will be attending a few events to provide coffee service and sell some coffee while I’m there. The wine and cheese events at Upper Canada Creamery are a blast and surprisingly I not only provide the coffee but quite a few people are buying. There are small business events and charitable events galore over the next few months and I plan to be at them all spreading the gospel of fresh roasted coffee.

They spelled Mr. Coffey wrong …..but you get the drift.

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