Spring and Coffee 2016

Coffee Fixes Everything

Spring has Sprung, The Grass Has Riss, I Wonder Where My Coffee Is?

OK so I’m not a poet. With the spring season comes the planning for the summer farmer’s markets. Do I stay close to home and my usual marketing/delivery area or do I go to a farmer’s market where there are lots of vendors and shoppers? Right now I am thinking of a little of both. One market close to home and one a little further away.

It’s also the time to reconcile the coffees that I have in stock. The coffees that did not sell all that well will be de-listed ( I sound like the LCBO) and I will review new coffees to stock. A lot of my decision will be based on the price of the coffees as well as unique flavour. The coffees are priced on the US$ so I can expect a bit of a jump. I may even increase the number or certified organic beans I stock as well. Right now there seems to be an increase in demand for organic coffee but history has taught me that the demand tapers off very quickly.

So basically March is a planning and waiting month. I’m holding my breath to see what kind of price increase I’m going to have to implement and hope that the CDN$ will regain some ground against the US$.

Coffee & Yoda

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