Good News and Bad News on a Cold January Day

Cuban Coffee


This is the coldest day of the year so far at -19°C with a wind chill of -30°C and a great day to stay inside with a nice hot cup of coffee. Today I have good news and I have bad news. The bad news is my supply of Jamaica Blue Mountain has run out. My supplier tells me that it was a limited crop this year so they only have enough to roast for their own privileged clients. The good news is I now have a supply of Cuban Crystal Mountain. This delicious specialty coffee is grown on trees that were transplanted from the Jamaica Blue Mountains and provide an excellent cup. It is not exactly the same as the Jamaica Blue because as all of us coffee snobs know, the terroir, or taste of the soil, is never the same from location to location.

Cuba’s humid climate with its gentle Atlantic winds and traditional farming methods make for excellent coffee. Cuba Crystal Mountain coffee represents a very small percentage of Cuba’s coffee production and is undoubtedly a unique coffee right at the top of the scale. It offers an intense aroma, rich nutty notes and a slightly smoky finish.

Priced at a much more affordable level, the Cuban Crystal Mountain will give you an excellent cup of coffee and you can still brag about having the best coffee in your neighborhood.

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