Summer is Peaking around the Corner

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At long last we are getting some warmer weather. Last week it hit 29°C with a humidex of 35 then the next night we had frost warnings. My wife is chomping at the bit wanting to get her garden planted but we still have to shuttle the seedlings in and out of the house when the temperature drops too low at night. I did however take a leap of faith and put my snow blower away.

Now that we have a promise of summer, the planning for the summer events and markets has started. Once again Coffey’s Coffee will be at the Long Sault Market. Other local events that are being considered to set up my little portable shop at are Food Lovers’ Field Days at Upper Canada Village (Aug 16 & 17) and the Stormont County Fair (Aug 29 to Sept 1). I have been invited to other markets and events but I haven’t committed to them, neither verbally nor conceptually. I may change my mind as the summer progresses but I’m still trying to find time for more golf.

On the coffee stock side of things, I have delisted the Australia Skybury. I still think it is a great coffee but it’s just not selling that well. Most of my Australian coffee buyers seem to have either moved out of the area or switch to the Galapagos coffee. You can only keep green beans in stock for so long before they start losing quality.

Always remember, if you are going to drink, drink good stuff.

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