A Long Cold Winter

Winter of 2014


Once again I lost track of time and I am way overdue is posting here. It takes a lot of time and energy to whine and complain about the weather and staring out the window at all that snow is very distracting.

To bring you up to date, I have another restaurant who appreciates their customers so much that they used the freshest, best quality coffee in the area. To make matters even better, the restaurant, Sweet Indulgences, is in Martintown close to where my in-laws live. It gives them a talking point with the neighbours….whuh-hoo, bonus points!

Sweet Indulgences

Sweet Indulgences


I attended a local home business show in March and just this week I served my coffee at The Friends of the Bird Sanctuary’s AGM. It was a good thing no one asked me if my coffee was certified “Bird Friendly”. Maybe I should look into that if I am going to form a relationship with the group. Although I don’t know if coffee is good for the local birds. It is for the “Friends” as they all seemed to like it and bought just about everything I roasted for the evening.

Bird in Hand

I do have a few changes in my bean selection to announce. I have restocked the Nepal Mount Everest Coffee but delisted the Australian Skybury. I will miss the Australian but it wasn’t selling that quickly and I just don’t have the room to keep everything.

Now you are up to date on what’s happening at Coffey’s Coffee.

A Cup A Day


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