It’s February Already

coffee is in the blood


Somehow I missed January. I think it was probably because of the body maintenance that I went through for the past month. I was still recovering from the carpal tunnel surgery (and I still am whining about it) and I also decided to see a periodontist who insisted on grafting skin onto my gums. Nothing like having stitches dangling inside your mouth for a couple of weeks to make you uncommunicative. At least no one told me I had to stop drinking coffee. That would have been the deal breaker.

I have just recently connected with a young fellow from Hawaii by the name of Jason Coffee. I found his profile through LinkedIn and thought it would be interesting to contact him. He works for Starbucks and publishes Coffee Cup News He posts about coffee roasting and brewing along with a plethora of trivia about coffee. He even has videos of himself demonstrating methods and techniques of all kinds of coffee related subjects. Good looking boy but he spells his name funny. It would be nice to meet him on his home ground. I hear it’s warm there.

I do happen to have some news on the coffee roasting side. I have brought in some new beans. I now have a supply of Costa Rica Honey beans and Nepal Mount Everest beans. I have added these beans to my Price List page and a description of them is on Coffees and Roasting page. I have also changed the theme for my site as you can probably see. I don’t know if I’ll keep it in the long term but for now it will do.


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