Spring Has Sprung 2013

Two Lonely Little Coffee Flowers


I don’t have a lot of coffee news except for this picture. These are two sad little flowers that have bloomed on my coffee plant. I think I took this picture one day too late because they look a little wilted. Yep, that’s it, two little flowers, but they are the first flowers that have ever grown on my plant. I am on my way towards the first coffee plantation in Canada.

Cathy the Coffee Plant Watching A Snow Storm


And this is my lonely little coffee plant looking out at yet another snow storm. I hate to admit it but I don’t know if my plant is of robusta heritage or Arabica. I don’t really care who its parents were because I am its daddy now.

Yes, I name all of my plants. Don’t you? I have Rosie the rosemary plant, Peter the parsley, Vern the fern, Bayboy the Bay Laurel, Lilly the lily (aka Zombie plant because we were give it at a funeral), Francis and John-Paul the prayer plants. I don’t want to tell you what I named my African violets because they are not socially acceptable.

So now we can count the days until it’s warm enough to party on the deck and I can Cathy the coffee plant outside for the summer. She loves the hot humid summer weather. So do I.

This is my goal, ripe coffee cherries.

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