Opening Day for the Long Sault Farmer’s Market 2012

First Produce of the Year

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and quite a bit has happened. For one thing the weather has gotten better and I no longer want to go back to Florida, at least not for the next 5 months. I bought some Kopi Luwak to sample at the Island Ink Jet and it was a big hit for those that tried it. No one wanted to pay for it, but they liked it.

I bought a new coffee roaster and a new fully automatic espresso maker. I don’t have the roaster operating yet but the espresso maker is going great guns at the Island Ink Jet. I had it at home for a while but I was drinking way too much espresso. I may become the distributor for this particular brand of espresso maker and market it for home and office. Anyway it makes a pretty good espresso especially when I use my own fresh roasted espresso beans.

I guess I should tell you about the market, after all that was the title of this particular blog. It opened yesterday and it was a good day. The weather could have been better but that didn’t stop the shoppers from streaming in to pick up some fresh produce, baked goods and ¬†some fresh roasted coffee. The picture above shows the produce available at the Avonmore Berry Farm booth right next to mine. Yes those are nice ripe local strawberries sitting between the onions and the¬†asparagus. Apparently they planted early and covered the plants to prevent damage from cold weather. The ploy worked great and they had fresh local strawberries two weeks ahead of everyone else. They were delicious.

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