I want to Go Back To Daytona!

It’s been a month since I have come back from vacation near Daytona Beach and I haven’t reported on my trip. To be honest I have been quite busy roasting coffee, trying to decide if I should buy a new roaster and writing articles for my newspaper. I have been thinking about Florida this past week mostly because of the return of snow and below freezing temperature and remembered that I haven’t added anything to my blog about my trip, you know, bragging, with pictures. Well here it is, a picture of the beach in front of the condo where we stayed in Ormond-by-the-Sea.

The coffee in the area was a big disappointment. There was a Starbucks in Ormond proper where I had a cappuccino but other than that the best coffee I had was when I brewed it for myself with the coffee that I brought with me. I guess if I was only looking for good coffee I should have stayed home.

Speaking of coffee, I am changing my lineup a little bit. I am dropping the Galapagos Island San Cristobal and the Nicaragua Maracatu because of lack of sales. They are both excellent coffees but it just seems no one is interested in them. No sense in stocking them when I do carry lots of other terrific coffees.

I’ll let you know what I decide about the new coffee roaster. If I buy it I will take pictures and report on it the next time I write.


One thought on “I want to Go Back To Daytona!

  1. Cameron

    I have just brewed my second pot of Tanzanian Peaberry that I bought yesterday and enjoy the taste. This picture brings back fond memories of my visit to Ormond Beach last year. I found your website / blog to be very informative, encouraging me to try some of your other coffees very soon. Cam…. ex-Hamiltonian


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