Another New Year Another New Coffee

The video above is hilarious. My business partner (from my other business) forwarded it to me and I just had to use it.

So my new coffee is a Bolivian Fair Trade Organic. I am just in the process of roasting some for retail but it is a very good organic coffee. A typical description is “The coffee is slightly spicy, medium to full bodied, with a mild acidity and a good balance. A well rounded coffee perfect as a single origin brew. Excellent for medium to French roasts.” I’ll do my own evaluation and tell you if I agree or not.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and have recovered sufficiently to face the new year with hope and resolve to succeed at life….and hope that the Mayans were wrong.  December was a nutso month for coffee roasting here at Coffey’s Coffee. On top of all my usual commercial and retail customers there were a bunch of people who were looking for stocking stuffers and treats for themselves. I was roasting just about everyday. I even roasted a batch on Christmas Eve for someone who had forgotten to order due to the shopping mania that happens the week before Christmas. At least I got Christmas Day off to sit down and relax.

A new year, a new coffee blend, that was my New Year’s resolution. So to fulfill my resolution I have come up with Caribbean Island Supreme. I decided on a delicious blend of island coffees featuring real Jamaica Blue Mountain as a major component of the blend. I’m not going to give away all of my secrets but this one is a winner at a more reasonable price than the straight Jamaican. I almost made another resolution to post comments on a more regular basis but I don’t like to make promises that I probably can’t keep.

New Coffee Blend for 2012

If you look at my price list you will also notice a slight price increase across the board (~4%). The price of the beans keep going up and my prices haven’t. Time to do something about that.





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