Closing Day for the Long Sault Market 2011

That wraps up another season of the Long Sault Farmer’s Market. It was another beautiful day in Long Sault and as you can see from the pictures there still was a lot of fresh produce available as well as some great Thai food, pastries and, of course, fantastic coffee. There even was a bake sale to help raise money for the local minor hockey league. What a great way to end the season. I am going to look forward to next year.

Toi's Thai Food

On the coffee roasting side of things I am in the process of rationalising the number of coffees that I stock. I think I am going to delist a couple of organic coffees (Colombian and Papua New Guinea) and probably the Ethiopian Sidamo as well. There is no sense in keeping the unpopular coffees on my shelf if no one is ordering them. I am also going to relegate the decaf espresso to the compost bin. I only sold about 2 kg of that stuff over 3 years and now it’s just stale. So, before you order anything check out my price list to see if the coffee you want is still for sale. I’ll apologize in advance if your favourite is gone but if you would have ordered more often……

Coffey's Coffee Customers

I do have a new coffee that I have just roasted. It is Dominican Republic Ocoa Carmen. I haven’t packaged any for sale yet but I did make a couple of pots at the Market and it is very well received. I’m told by my supplier that it will be good as a dark roast but I haven’t tried it yet. I think it should be a good addition to my list of coffees.

Minor Hockey Bake Sale

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