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It has been a while since I’ve posted but I’ve been busy
deleting all the spam I get after I post a new commentary. I’ll try to catch
you up on the last two month’s activities here at Coffey’s Coffee.

First, the market at Long Sault is turning out to be even
better than the downtown Cornwall market. I am selling more packages of coffee
but not so much cups. It could be that this summer has been so hot that the
last thing someone wants on a Friday afternoon is a hot cup of anything. That
brings me to the iced coffee adventure. I thought that because I think my iced
coffee is so fantastic that everyone would flock to my booth and beg me for a
cup of iced joe, again, not so much. While there are several people who have
asked for it, it’s not worth the effort to mass produce fresh cold brewed
coffee, this year, but maybe next year?

My big news is that I now have a limited stock of Jamaica
Blue Mountain Wallensford Estate coffee. I have been asked frequently if I
carried any so I jumped at the chance to stock some. This is a good news and
bad news situation though. The good news is that it is a really terrific coffee
and it has brand recognition. The bad news is that it is extremely expensive
and I haven’t sold any yet. I have roasted some to brew at the market to try
and hook real coffee drinkers on such a fine brew but I haven’t had any bites,
yet. I am only going to roast it on demand. I don’t want to have to stale date
$40 /lb coffee. More bad news is that I really like the coffee myself and I can’t
afford to buy coffee from me.

I have just come across a couple of web sites/blogs about
coffee and coffee production that are really informative and entertaining. I
hope you click on them and become really informed and develop into a coffee
snob and buy some Jamaica Blue Mountain from me.


Coffee: Greatest Addiction Ever

How to Make a Great Cup of Coffee

One thought on “Good News and Resources

  1. Yoni

    Really enjoyed that second link – don’t know nearly enough about what the coffee goes through before it arrives in a vacuum-sealed packet.


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