A New Toy For Coffey’s Coffee

Well, actually it’s not a toy but a cold extraction column for coffee. It is supposed to product cold coffee to make ice coffee. I can’t tell you yet how well it works because I am just in the middle of producing my first batch. I can tell you that it is slow and would not be practical in a retail environment, at least not at this size. It brings me back to my analytical chemistry days. It is basic column chromatography. Add water slowly and you will extract the most soluble compound. In this case it is the coffee flavour.

And now for an update on the new farmer’s market in Long Sault…………

I like the hours. Friday afternoon at 1 AM works just fine for me. Actually the market officially opens at 2 PM but people start driving in just as we are setting up and we deal with them as best we can. It’s been two weeks and it is encouraging. People have stopped making a wide berth around my booth and are actually talking to me. My sales doubled from the first week. The only problem I had was my tent blew over and a piece of the framework broke. It was a lesson learned. Always tie down the corners of the tent even if there is no breeze. It only took one quick gust of wind and off it went.

I expect minor problems like that. Life is full of little vicissitudes but even these small problems can be a source of fun. I laughed like a fool while I was chasing my tent across the parking lot.


3 thoughts on “A New Toy For Coffey’s Coffee

  1. Yoni

    Wow, where did you get this thing? It kind of looks like a needlessly-complicated chemistry device to produce drip coffee, but if it makes a good cup – then it’s worth it.

  2. Barrie Brown

    I bought a Ronco cold coffee brewer because it advertised that it reduced the acid reflux problem (GURD) 67%. I haven’t been using it because even though they claim it will be good for a week to 10 days I found day 3 bad tasting. Want it?

    1. coffeyscoffee Post author

      Thanks for the offer but I already have 2 cold coffee brewers. I have found that cold brewed coffee does get a little nasty in the fridge after a while but it usually lasts at least 5 days. I suppose it would depend on the quality of the coffee that you use and how well sealed the jar is that you store it in. Coffee will absorb any and all flavours in the fridge if it is in an open container. I always store my cold coffee in a sealed mason jar.


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