Coffey’s Easter Story 2011

Here it is Easter already and it’s been over a month since I’ve written anything on this page. The price of coffee is still rising but there are signs that it may have reached a plateau. Sales have been sluggish since I was forced to increase my prices on March 1st. I have been reluctant to buy more coffee because every time I order my costs increase.  I’m trying to weather the increases and hopefully get coffee at lower prices later in the year.

My big news right now is that I am going to be dabbling in selling tea. Yes, you read right, tea. I’m picking it up tomorrow in Montreal  and I will be adding a Tea page to my web site. I’m starting with one black orange pekoe style tea and one Chinese Sencha tea, both in nylon biodegradable bags. I have discovered that Cornwall generally is not a loose leaf tea kind of town so custom packed tea bags just may sell.

The Light Side

The South Stormont Chamber of Commerce trade show is on this coming weekend and I’m once again going to have a booth. Actually I have booked three booths but two of them are for recent entrepreneurs graduates from the Self Employment Assistance program sponsored by the provincial government. I am subsidizing them at 50%.  I want to promote both the SEA program and the trade show.

The Cornwall DBIA Farmer’s Market is in the planning stages as well.  I had planned on attending as a vendor once again but there has been some management changes and now I am unsure. We had made some progress in planning how we were going to improve and promote the market but then the city appointed new managers and so far they seem to be dragging their heels. Oh well, there are other markets but if worse comes to worse then maybe I’ll take the summer off and play golf. I’ll let you know what happens.

I Don't See Any Coffee

2 thoughts on “Coffey’s Easter Story 2011

  1. Kris Stewart

    Hi Reg,
    Let me know about the tea and prices, I’m interested in trying. Will you have it at the Trade Show? Let me know, please and thank you.


    1. coffeyscoffee Post author

      I just picked up the tea today in Montreal and I haven’t decided on a price yet. I will have it at the Trade Show on the weekend and sell it by the cup for the same price as the coffee…..$1.25.


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