Coffee Inflation

No, I’m not talking about intestinal gas produced from drinking coffee or pumping up coffee beans to look like balloons. I`m talking about the ever increasing price of coffee. Starbucks, Smuckers and Kraft have all increased their prices and today Tim Hortons Tim Hortons Inc. chief executive Don Schroeder says the price of coffee is almost certainly going up. See story on this link.

I don`t see any indication of the prices going down. I know it is artificially high and it has to drop sometime but as a micro/nano roaster I have to pay spot prices and I have to admit I am on the spot. When I have to replenish my stock if I don`t raise my prices I am going to be operating at a lose again. So, in order for me to actually turn a profit and stay in business I am making the following announcement:


Basic Needs


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    I agree it is a problem. I get a lot of responses with the sole intention of having their link posted on my website. There are so many that I just routinely delete them without even considering the content of the message. I don’t know what to do about it either. The KISMET filter that wordpress uses doesn’t seem to work on the responses.


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