Technical Problems & Saving Data

It seems that I write about nothing but problems these days. My current vicissitude is a catastrophic failure in my main desktop computer. I don’t know what I did but it resulted in smoking my CPU, video and audio cards. It even blew my two high end speakers. So for the past two days I have been stressing over recovering all of my business information and audio files that I use in my  radio program. Fortunately I do regularly back up all of my business information. I only had to re-enter a couple of days transactions from coffee sales and all of the info from my other businesses has been saved.

The good news is that the hard drive from the fried computer is still working and my IT guy, JL from JL Computers, configured it to be a portable drive so I can recover all of the data. The bad news is that I have to use my laptop as my main computer. I’m not crazy about using a laptop to begin with and then I had install all of the programs that I had on the desktop and recover all of my email and favourites.  I did manage to get everything up and running but not without much hair pulling, and if you know me then you know that I don’t have that much to pull.

I think I should say something about coffee after all it is Coffey’s Coffee home page. Coffee prices are still increasing but I am trying to hold the line on my prices. Having said that if the prices don’t drop by the next time I have to order stock, a price increase is in the future.

Wow this was a really depressing post. I’ll try to be more positive next time.

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