More New Coffees and New Technology For Christmas

First thing I want to follow up on my Flip video camera and the technology involved. Yes, the camera is still a dream to operate buy I found that my computers were not up to the task of operating the software to watch the videos. Therefore I had to upgrade one of my computers to operate it. Actually I have been looking for an excuse to replace a 6 years old computer… and my wife bought that excuse.

Now to the new coffees. The Australian Skybury coffee that I introduced into my lineup was such a hit that I thought I would explore some of the other premium coffees that are available from my supplier. To that end, I bought a bag of Galapagos Island San Cristobal and a bag of Nepal Mount Everest. I haven’t roasted the Nepal coffee yet but I have been working with the Galapagos. My first roast of the Galapagos left me wondering why I pay a premium for this acceptable coffee but not exceptional. I roasted it to a full city roast and it had a noticeable woody note on top of the full body, low acid, dark chocolate and spicy flavors. My latest attempt at roasting this coffee brought out the exceptional in the coffee. I roasted it to a Viennese level where the woody note was gone and the full character of the coffee revealed itself……outstanding. I would give you my full description of the flavor notes that I found during cupping, but I don’t like to lead anyone’s flavor perception more than I have already. I can’t wait to try the Nepal.

Anyway, it’s Christmas Eve and I have to go to a party.

I hope you all have Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and please remember don’t drink and drive, drink really good coffee and you will get a caffeine buzz instead of a beer buzz. You will get into less trouble.

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