Flipping Out For The Flip and Misc Technical Problems

Today I am writing about two different topics. The first one is my new toy that I bought myself for Christmas, a Flip video camera from Cisco. The second topic is the technical problems I have had in trying to get my e-radio program recorded again.
First, the Flip.

What a dream machine the Flip is. It is so simple and intuitive that just about anyone can use it. Basically you turn it on and press one button to record. The USB male connector flips out of the body and you plug it in your computer’s USB. The program is contained in the camera and it loads automatically. The battery even recharges through the USB port. It records in HD to top it all off. Mind you it doesn’t have all the features of cameras two or three times the price but this thing fits in your pocket.
So check out my first video with the Flip.


So the video works fine on my computer but when I upload it to wordpress the soundtrack doesn’t match the video or the other way around. Oh, well I’ll try to work it out.

OK, now for the other technical problems. It has nothing to do with the Flip. It has to do with me producing my radio program on Blog Talk Radio. Two weeks ago I didn’t do the Old Time Radio Show because I was busy providing a coffee service to a community event in Cornwall. This week I was all set to host my show but I couldn’t connect with Blog Talk on the phone. It would appear that they cancelled their 800 number in Canada again. No problem I thought, I’ll just call in to their local number using my Magic Jack service. Well, I discovered that didn’t work either with about 5 minutes to go before the scheduled start so I cancelled the show. Since then I have found out that other people have had trouble trying to dial in to Blog Talk using Magic Jack but I can use the g-phone thing on gmail. It was too late to do the show but next week I am ready for anything, I think.
So for anyone who is interested, tune in to Seawyradio.com on Wednesday night at 7:30 and you will once again be entertained by classic radio programs hosted by yours truly……that is unless Blog Talk throws up another challenge at the last minute.

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