Blog Spam?

Well, for a little while there I thought I actually had someone was reading my blog that enjoyed my writing. My ego was boosted and I was all set to upgrade my input to this missive of SSP (that’s Shameless Self Promotion for those uninitiated in Coffey’s Coffee acronyms). Now I find that most of the messages I have been getting are nothing but spam with the sole intent of putting a link to some unsponsored product on my blog page……FOR FREE.

While my blog page is a free offering of my rants, thoughts and experiences, this site has been set up for my business which means that it is intended to generate that mythical idea of profit. You can call me a Ferengi if you want but I need to earn money to continue roasting coffee. So, for those that would try to squeeze blood from my stone, I will not approve any of your comments.

However I do support local businesses. If a business from within SD&G seeks permission  to put a link on my blog, I will be extremely flattered and will be happy to allow it. Again for those ignorant of my geography, SD&G is the area in south eastern Ontario, Canada that includes the counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, and the city of Cornwall.

In summary, SPAM ME NOT……you will just hurt my ego and send me spiraling into the depths of depression.

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