Monthly Archives: September 2017

Busy Summer and Stock Adjustment

It has been a long and busy summer …… and wet. Yes it was wet most of the summer in this part of Canada. This year I lost my mind and decided to do three different farmers’ markets. One as just a vendor, one I was “volen-told” to be the chair of the board of directors and the third, a Wednesday market, I started from scratch. And that is my excuse for not keeping up on my coffee info blog.

My cold brewed ice coffee sold very well at the markets as did our iced green ginger tea. The season for iced coffee is pretty much done now so I won’t have to schedule that task now until next summer. We will continue to make the iced green tea but mostly for our own consumption. My wife makes the iced tea so I use the term “we” when discussing it.

And now for the stock adjustment topic, I have actually run out of stock on several of my premium coffees and have to do some soul searching to decide if I am still going to carry all of them. The coffees are delicious but are very low volume sales so I am not going to stock them over the winter. Once next summer comes around I will reconsider adding more premium coffees.

So the coffees I am not going to re-stock are: Cuban Crystal Mountain, Galapagos Island, Papua New Guinea, Maui Mocka, Hawaii Yellow Caturra and Espresso Decaf Blend. (I know, I don’t understand Espresso Decaf either but the customer is always right, until they stop buying it.)

That being said, if a customer requests a particular coffee and is committed to buying a minimum volume, I will do everything I can to accommodate them. As usual is some coffee becomes available that tickles my fancy, flavour and cost, then you will see it on my price list.