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10 Years At This Location

Joe Cool


The big news for 2017 is I have been roasting coffee here in Eastern Ontario in lovely downtown Ingleside for a full 10 years. Doubters and nair-do-wells tried to negatively affect my resolve to improve the quality of the popular caffeinated beverage in my small area of Ontario, but I have survived and you can see the trend towards good coffee taking hold. I’m not saying that I am solely responsible for the rise of good coffee shops in Cornwall and area but I definitely made an impact. Yay for me!

The beginning of the year is always a bit slow. There are no markets or fairs that I participate in but my usual customers are still ordering to keep me busy. It is a time to rationalize the equipment and types of coffee that I currently carry. I really should cut down on the varieties of coffee beans that I stock but when a new bean is available to me, I just have to try it, unless of course it is just way too expensive like the Jamaica Blue Mountain again this year. I actually am sold out of the Gamea Espresso Machines and I’m not going to restock.

Some exciting news for me this year is that I have been chosen to be the Chair of the Board of Directors for the Kemptville Farmer’s Market. I am truly honoured that the Board elected me to be the chair, even though I know it is the least important position with the least amount of work. They just want a cool, pretty face to represent them. Yes, that means I am their eye candy.

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