Monthly Archives: October 2016

Markets Ending and Thanksgiving (Canadian that is)



This farmer’s market season has gone by really quickly. The Saturday market that Coffey’s Coffee attends has ended for the year on Thanksgiving weekend but it ended on a good note. There were a lot of customers out buying last minute items for their holiday meal and coffee was the first thing on their list. The Sunday afternoon market will be going on until Halloween. I’m just hoping that there will be no snow falling until after the ghosts and goblins make their rounds.

I have been taking pictures and videos at the Sunday market for promotion on their web and facebook site. Every vendor had the opportunity to promote their business in video and a lot of still pictures were taken. The one thing that I did for myself was to try to take a picture of every dog that came by my booth. I find a lot of honesty in a dogs face.

Next up on the coffee calendar are Christmas markets across the district and planning for next summers activities. Coffee is a demanding mistress.