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The Midsummer Markets

Coffee Reaches the Soul

It is actually the middle of the farmer’s market season here in south-eastern Ontario. It is hot and steamy with occasional violent thunderstorms. It is a perfect time for a fresh roasted, well brewed hot cup of coffee. OK, some people might see that as a little extreme, having hot coffee on a hot summers day. Never fear my friend, we also have iced cold brewed coffee or ice ginger green tea for those looking for something a little cooler to quench their caffeine requirements.

I have little change in my coffee or tea selections to report this month. I still have the same great line-up of premium quality coffee beans from all of the main growing regions around the world. My tea selection,  and I do mean tea not tisane (herbal), is small but elegant.  Organic Hot Chocolate is still a favorite among-st my customers, but not so much in the summer. You can also purchase a new or used coffee brewer from my assortment of coffee equipment.

Forget about going to the beach or drinking beer at an outdoor barbecue. A good cup or glass of coffee will help you enjoy this wealth of warm weather and keep your memories of the sun on your skin during the long cold winter.


Coffee Solves Everything