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Summer Heat Means Cold Brewed Coffee

Cold Coffee Extractor


The picture above is just one of my cold brew devices. It make fantastic cold brew coffee concentrate but is very time consuming. You have to adjust the ice water drip to 40 drops per minute so it takes about 4 hours to make 900 ml. My other techniques produce more volume and is more convenient to use, but as with all compromises, it leaves the coffee a little lacking compared to the smaller device.

Since my last post we have had very hot weather at the farmer’s markets (which was great for selling iced coffee) and very cold and wet weather. Last weekend the winds were so strong in Kemptville my tent almost blew away. I am going to take a leap of faith and plan long term for hot steamy weather and start bringing a lot of cold brew coffee, ice and 16 oz beer cups.

Unfortunately those who are looking for a Timmies iced crap-a-chino are going to be disappointed because my ice coffee tasted like coffee.

As always, I offer fresh brewed hot coffee at the Farmer’s Markets as well as fresh roasted premium coffee beans, but why wait until the weekend. You can order fresh roasted coffee directly from me by email or phone.

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