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Time Flies When You have The Flue.

Only drink real real coffee!

Only drink real real coffee!

I just noticed that it has been almost 2 months since I posted here. I have my excuses categorized. I had the flue. There was a death in the family. I had to mow the lawn, and….. ah, I am old, sick, tired and stupid?

I have recently reordered business cards and changed my mantra or slogan if you like. I used to have “Come over to the dark side.” on my business cards and various marketing offerings but ever since that iconic bad coffee chain started to offer bad dark roast coffee it was time for a change. Now I am preaching If you are going to drink, drink the good stuff”. It’s a bit of a life lesson and it does apply to much more than coffee.  So don’t just drink dark roasted coffee but drink GOOD dark roasted coffee.

I am pleased to announce that I have some new coffees available for the discriminating coffee consumer. Costa Rica Tarrazu is now available for your drinking pleasure and I now carry Colombian Swiss Water Decaf for those who don’t like the slight greasiness of the CO2 decaf.

The season of the farmer’s markets has begun. I have already been at one market and my presence was much appreciated. The temperature that day hit a high of 6°C and everyone wanted a cup of coffee just to hold something warm in their hands. Hey, a sale is a sale.

First Market 2016