Monthly Archives: February 2016

A Cup of Tea Please?


Holy hot caffeine, it’s February already and I haven’t posted anything since December. While January is usually a slow month here at Coffey’s Coffee there is no reason to be negligent. I did manage to get in a week of sun and sand while the lull was on. A lot of my customers usually receive coffee as a Christmas gift from well meaning relatives and friends and they feel they have to respect the gift by using it up before coming back to yours truly to get the good stuff. Actually the comparison is pretty good marketing for my coffee.

Today though, I am going to focus on the other caffeine sources that I sell. Coffey’s Coffee does offer a limited selection of excellent teas and organic hot chocolate. I don’t grow the tea or cacoa but I do buy it from an ethical supplier and have it available in different size packages. Actually I can put it in any size package you want because it is all loose leaf. If you look on the prices section of this site you will see that I have Keemum Superior Black tea, Classic Earl Grey, Chinese Gunpowder Green, Moroccan Mint Green and Lemon Sublime Green. I do have Chinese Sencha in pyramide tea bags also.

The hot chocolate that I have available is certified organic with the sugar coming from Cuba and the cocoa from Peru. That is all there is in the product, NO milk ingredients, chemical additives or preservatives. You can add your own marshmallow.

So there you have it, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. What more do you need to satisfy your caffeine cravings?