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Post Christmas Regrets

Grinch needs coffee

Christmas is now over as are the inevitable Christmas dinner and the pre-Christmas feast the night before. In my younger years Christmas Eve meant consuming mass quantities of beer and wine and party until the morning. We would then open our gifts and then go to bed. Now it’s eat until midnight, go to bed, get up and take an antacid, go back to bed and moan and groan until it’s time to get up for breakfast. Even the best cup of coffee can’t do anything about all the food you stuffed into your gullet except help it vent in the morning.

It was then time to start preparing the actual Christmas feast so a quick shot of espresso to get me off the couch and we started all over again. By Christmas night after more mass quantities of food I was once again sitting on my couch thinking about portion sizes. If I can measure out coffee to the gram to prepare a pot of coffee why can’t I judge appropriate portion sizes of potatoes, meat and desserts to stuff in my face. I get the portion sizes of vegetables just right.

So once again I find myself thinking Boxing Day wisdom about how I’m not going to eat that much next Christmas. I am also planning the left over meal today, hmmm left overs.

Maybe I should go for a long walk and then make a nice strong pot of of fresh roasted Nicaragua Maracaturra to help me contemplate the probability of having to buy larger cloths while they are on sale.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Coffey’s Coffee.

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