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Coffee Weather Is Coming!

Coffee Personalities

Actually true coffeeists (coffee enthusiasts) will consumer coffee in any weather. In the heat of the summer it will cool your body by contrast and in the cold of winter it will warm your toes. Any excuse for a hit of well brewed and fresh roasted liquid nirvana.

Thanksgiving in Canada has come and gone. Just about all the farmer’s markets are closed for the year and Coffey’s Coffee has now moved indoors until next May. My roasters have always been indoors but now I will be selling my coffee from the comfort of my home or at a special once a year indoor market over the winter.

We have currently received a couple of new beans and have de-listed a couple of beans. The Nepal Mount Everest and the Jamaican Blue Mountain have been removed from our sales list as well as the Tanzanian Peaberry. Hopefully they will become available at a reasonable price in the future.

We have added Papua New Guinea once again. It has been described as “a crisp, clean acidic coffee with dark chocolate overtones”.¬†Also the Nicaragua Maracatura is listed by my supplier as “offers great presence, subtle spicy notes and a wonderful aftertaste” ……but I haven’t cupped either of these coffees yet to confirm or expand upon the marketing blurb.