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The New Old Grind

Grinder #1

The summer is all but officially over. That actually happens this Monday. The farmers’ markets pretty much all close on Thanksgiving but they are all winding down. Now we are coming into comfort food season with lots of stews, soups and cabbage rolls and a perfect time to renew your interest in fresh roasted premium coffee.

And if you are going to get some fresh coffee the best way to enjoy it is to grind it yourself. Grinding it as you need it gives you two avenues of pleasure. One is the aroma of the coffee as it is being ground and the second happens when you sip that fresh brewed coffee. I have been asked what kind of grinder to buy and always tell them “Don’t buy those twirling blade things. They don’t even call them coffee grinders anymore. Now they are known as spice mills. If you have one already and like using it then just enjoy and when it breaks think about upgrading to a burr grinder with ceramic grinding plates.”

Some of my customers have complained about the high price of the burr grinders because they can be priced anywhere from $50 to $1200 depending on quality. Some manufacturers are better than others and basically you get what you pay for. In light of that Coffey’s Coffee has brought in some manual grinders to offer my customers. Now only will you get a consistent particle size in the grind but you will get a little excersise while you water is coming to a boil.

We now have two styles of Hario manual coffee grinders in stock. One is the ecomomical Skerton 100g Ceramic Coffee Mill for $38.00 each and the other is the decorative Canister 120g Ceramic Coffee Mill for $60.00.

Grinder Hario Canister

Hario Canister Ceramic Coffee Mill 120g capacity

Grinder Hario Skerton

Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill 100g capacity