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The Coffee Zombies Are Coming For You

Coffee Zombie

Every morning you see them slowly wandering towards the source of their addiction, the Coffee Zombies. They line up at take out counters or sit in their cars waiting mindlessly for a hit of their drug that prepares them for another day of work, seeking out brains to keep themselves and their families alive.

How do we stop the mindless horde from taking over the world? It may be too late in some areas but there is still hope for the smaller, more enlightened communities. Even in cities where there is a high ratio of zombie producing coffee-like beverage chains, there are freedom fighters who remember what real coffee tastes like. They avoid the convenient evil gut wrenching brew and chose to make their own delicious caffeine nectar in the confines of their own home. Just a little bit of effort and good quality ingredients will forever banish the Zombie plague from your immediate family.
Coffey’s Coffee is here to help you keep the Zombies at bay. We offer fresh roasted quality coffee, the way you want it. We also offer brewers for those who are not satisfied with the run of the mill electric drip machines. Take control of your life and don’t follow the Zombies to the same old sour tasting witches brew. Set a good example for your friends and family by taking a little effort and drink the good stuff.

Don’t let the Zombies drag you down.

French Press with tea option

French Press with tea option

Neapolitan Coffee Maker

Neapolitan Coffee Maker


Gamea Fully Automatic Espresso Maker

Gamea Fully Automatic Espresso Maker


short life coffee


Canada Day, Fun Fest and Farmer’s Markets

Coffee Sense of Humour


OK it’s been a while since I posted here. The summer has started which includes the Farmer’s Markets. This years I am only going to the Chesterville Market on Saturdays. It is a beautiful market in a great location with very little stress. The only thing I have a problem with is getting up earlier than usual in the morning, but then I always complain about that.

Chesterville Market 23May15 1

Besides the farmer’s market I have also participated in several one day events in the area. There was Fun Fest in Long Sault and the Canada Day celebrations at the Lost Villages near Long Sault. I was scheduled for an Arts Event but I was sidelined by kidney stones for that event. There will be plenty of other arts and special events coming up this summer so I am still going to be quite busy.

I did create a new blend for the Canada Day celebration. It is called Canadian Blend (I know, boring eh) and it combines coffee from two of Canadian’s favorite vacation spots, Cuba and Dominican Republic. It is a deliciously mild roast but full bodied with a mild acidity and plenty of sweet spiciness. It will only be available once a year and once my current stock is gone, it’s gone.

Coffee and Chicken 5