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Happy Birthday to Me!

06Oct12 Benny the Bean


Yes once again I have survived to celebrate another birthday. My theme song for this year was the Beatle’s “When I’m 64”.

It’s a month later and it still hasn’t gotten any warmer. For a coffee business that is a good thing because people are looking for a good hot cup of coffee. Sales just keep going up and up.

There is nothing new and positive on the coffee supply front or I should say on my coffee supply front. My supplier has run out of Jamaica Blue Mountain and is running short on the Galapagos Island coffee. They are even running out of Costa Rican coffee. But never fear there is always something new to try so I’ll look forward to the opportunity to bring in something different.

I have brought in some new hot chocolate though to help fight off the chills from this frigid weather. Now I can offer you some individual portion pack flavoured hot chocolate. I have Raspberry, Roasted Almonds, Vanilla Hazelnut and Regular Hot Chocolate.

I did come across yet another article extolling the healthy virtues of coffee for your reading pleasure.

How Coffee Makes You Live Longer.

Coffee and Chicken 1