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Coffee Blues

Plantation in Brazil

I just got a phone call from a Brazilian coffee grower/importer that is located in Burlington Ontario. No the plantation isn’t in Ontario but they do have a roastery and a store in Burlington plus they have a family plantation in Brazil. The reason why I mention this is because I went to their web site and found some great pictures and videos. I have to give credit to the company so here is their web site:

They are going to send me a sample of their green coffee so I can roast it and give it a try. Maybe I’ll buy some to offer for sale.

What I really wanted to show you is the video that they had on their site, Bourbon Blues


Now that is true coffee blues. OK, time for my afternoon caffeine fix.

Skull Grinder


Always remember to grind your coffee as you need it.

Post Halloween Doldrums

Coffee Spoon Message

Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is way past and now we are waiting for the pre-Christmas markets to begin so we can get all excited about selling coffee again. There seems to be bad news everywhere with a bad crop in Brazil giving Tim Hortons a reason to raise the price of their coffee like substance. There is even talk of computers or robots taking over Baristas’ place in society because the majority of coffee drinkers just don’t care about the quality of their liquid caffeine beverage. This video is not just about coffee but if you watch it around the 3:00 mark you will see what I mean.

OK, that’s depressing, I think I am suffering from SAD and need to take more Vitamin D. Maybe I should be pushing more Hot Chocolate. That seems to be the growth area right now. Tea also seems to be a hot commodity. I carry both of them but just haven’t been marketing them. It’s only 10 days to the next trade/craft show where I can sell a lot of cups of coffee and simply talk to a lot of people about the great qualities of fresh roasted, fresh ground and fresh brewed coffee. That always makes me happy.

Christmas Coffee Elf

Christmas Coffee Elf