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Falling Into Chocolate

It is now officially fall. The leaves are changing, the nights are cooler and people are wearing socks and shoes again. With the cooler temperatures peoples tastes tend to go to warmer food items, comfort foods you might say, and that means nice hot coffee. We also have to think of the little ones as well so now Coffey’s Coffee also offers a terrific tasting organic hot chocolate mix.

hotchocolate 450g


I have been serving it at a couple of markets and am now ready to sell it by the 450g can to my customers for a reasonable price of $8.00. Young and old chocolate aficionados will agree that this is one fine hot chocolate mix.

There are only two more weekends left for the Farmer’s Markets in most areas. The crops are all being harvested as I write but there will still be some root crops that can be pulled right up until the ground is frozen solid. There is always time for coffee but after Thanksgiving you will have to order directly from Coffey’s Coffee instead of going to the market. There are shows coming up in the near future though. This coming weekend you will find me at the Bird Sanctuary in Ingleside for the annual Nature and Wildlife Day.–wildlife-day-2014.html

There are a couple of shows in November and at least one in December but I will post the details of those in the future.

Cup of Goodness


Falling All Over for Coffee

OK, so it’s not officially Fall for another 16 days but everyone know once September comes around, it’s Fall. For coffee roasters this is the beginning of the season when peoples thoughts turn to warm beverages and socks. All the farmer’s markets will still be open until Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving) and will feature all the root crops which will be the basis of cold weather meals. These fresh vegetables are not very exciting for most people simply because they herald the end of the growing season and the beginning of cold weather. I mean do you remember how excited you were when the first local strawberries or asparagus were ready? You don’t see anybody getting that thrilled over rutabagas, brussels sprouts or cabbage.

I suppose you are wondering about the socks aren’t you. Well, when it gets colder people put their sandals away (normal people here in Canada put their sandals away) and start wearing regular shoes again with socks on. A classic image of caffeinated enjoyment is someone curling up in a big comfy chair with hot cuppa and warm socks on their feet. Some people might think that there is tea in that mug but that’s OK. I sell tea too.

The events that I will attending in the near future in addition to the farmer’s markets are the Nature & Wildlife Day on 5 October 2014 at the Bird Sanctuary in Ingleside and the R-O Craft Show in Ingleside in November. Most of my attention will be directed towards getting elected as a Councillor for the Township of South Stormont but I will still be roasting coffee for my loyal customers.