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New Market in Manotick for Coffey’s Coffee

Manotik 19Jul14 Market 2


It’s always gratifying when someone recognizes your business as a benefit for the community. A couple of weeks ago I got an email from the manager of the Manotick Farmer’s Market, Jack Williams, asking me if I wanted to be a vendor. I know Jack from other events that I have attended as a vendor and obviously he recognizes how great my coffee is and that it would add value to his market.

I drove up to see the market on one weekend. It is in a great scenic spot in Manotick and the people walking through the market were really positive and appreciative to have the market there. The next week I showed up as a vendor. I wasn’t the only new vendor either. The market had grown from 6 vendors to 15. The third week I went to the market there were still 15 vendors and the number of people shopping were at least double. …as were my sales. I even sold a number of espressos and cappuccinos. It appears that there is a much more sophisticated coffee consuming public up there near Ottawa.

There were a lot more tourists there visiting the Watson’s Mill and Dickinson’s House Museum who wandered over to enjoy a great cup of coffee.

Watson's Mill 1


Dickinson's House Museum

Dickinson’s House Museum


It is over an hour drive to Manotick but how can I not go where I am so appreciated. It feels good to be wanted.

Morning Ritual


The Morning Ritual

The Coffee Days of Summer

20Jun14 Crowd Shot


Oh, Oh, I missed June. The time just flew by with the farmer’s market in full operation and my newspaper going into its second printed edition. A lot of people have asked me if I’m going to take a vacation this summer but who has the time. Actually, I find just being at the local farmer’s market is like a holiday. People come by and talk to me while I brew some fresh roasted coffee. They linger while they sip their hot jolt of java and plan what else they are going to buy on a pleasant Friday afternoon. The weather has been very co-operative so far this year so nearly everyone is in a great mood.

On the coffee production side of things, operations have been smooth so far. The Costa Rica Honey coffee has been well received by customers but they seem to be hesitant to spend the extra for the Nepal Mount Everest coffee. I guess I’ll just have to brew a bunch at the market and get people to taste it. That usually does the trick.

I’ve had to replace the bottom heating coil on my Solar Roaster again but it is working well now. I seem to be burning out a coil every six or seven months on that machine. My supplier in Montreal is working on the problem with the manufacturer in Israel.

So now I’m up to date.