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September 2013 Summer’s Over

I liked this video but I did have to look up what gasification was. I’m not going to try to explain it but if you need the details you can find it in Wikipedia or other web sites with a quick search. Basically, if you have the right equipment you can run a car on used coffee grinds. Is there anything that coffee can’t do?

Like I said in the title the summer is basically over for the Long Sault Farmer’s Market but we will still be open until Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving that is). I will still be making coffee and still trying to lure coffee drinkers away from the stale, sour, and ever present Timmies. I never get tired of explaining that if you buy better coffee you won’t have to use so much cream and sugar to get rid of that sour taste in your stomach. Unfortunately I don’t have the marketing budget that the large chains have so it is an uphill battle.

I have acquired some new coffee art recently. Some of it is still in the mail but I have included a couple in this post. Maybe someday I will have a proper facility to display my pictures, posters, books and variety of coffee makers and paraphernalia. My wife would like to have a little less focus on coffee in our house.