Monthly Archives: July 2013

How’s Your Summer So Far?

Who is that old guy?

Photo by Jacqueline Milner

It has been a busy summer so far. The farmer’s market in Long Sault has had its challenges weather wise. We’ve had rain and cold, unbearable heat and humidity and beautiful sunny days. Throughout it all the market opened as usual plus or minus a few vendors. However on the 19th of July we were partially defeated by mother nature when the wind was so strong that three tents were broken and we gave up and went home two hours early. Our motto used to be “Rain or shine the market will be open” but now we have to add, “unless there is a tornado warning, then we go home early”.



OK, I do have my fun at the market but Benny the Bean doesn’t come out very often. He doesn’t like to sweet or get blown away by high winds.

I don’t have a lot of news to report from the coffee business other than the above info about my booth at the farmer’s market. My tent wasn’t one of the ones that got broken. My coffee plant now has 4 cherries on it but they don’t look close to ripening. I am starting to look into developing the food service side of my coffee roasting business but it does seem to be high maintenance and low to no profit. Also portion packing pre-ground coffee is not the best was to preserve the great flavour of fresh roasted coffee. My preference would be to place a portion grinder at each restaurant so the coffee is fresh ground for each pot. The problem there is that I would never be able to recover the cost of the grinders. I bet that is why restaurant coffee is usually so bad and that is a shame because people really need their coffee.