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I Couldn’t have Said It Better Myself!


Someone just forwarded the link to this video to me and after I watched it I just had to post it here.


If you look up Asher Yaron you will see that he is an accomplished lecturer, entrepreneur and spiritualist. He is one of those well spoken enthusiastic gregarious individuals who discovers truisms and feels it is his duty to expose these truisms to the world.

Ya gotta love his enthusiasm for coffee. The truism here is the best coffee is fresh roasted and it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling if you roast your own. Now for those of you who can’t cook popcorn without burning it, you can get your fresh roasted coffee from me.

Now I think I want to go to Bali to take his course and buy his coffee roaster. He is a good salesman.

There's a pot of coffee at the end of the rainbow.