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Spring Has Sprung 2013

Two Lonely Little Coffee Flowers


I don’t have a lot of coffee news except for this picture. These are two sad little flowers that have bloomed on my coffee plant. I think I took this picture one day too late because they look a little wilted. Yep, that’s it, two little flowers, but they are the first flowers that have ever grown on my plant. I am on my way towards the first coffee plantation in Canada.

Cathy the Coffee Plant Watching A Snow Storm


And this is my lonely little coffee plant looking out at yet another snow storm. I hate to admit it but I don’t know if my plant is of robusta heritage or Arabica. I don’t really care who its parents were because I am its daddy now.

Yes, I name all of my plants. Don’t you? I have Rosie the rosemary plant, Peter the parsley, Vern the fern, Bayboy the Bay Laurel, Lilly the lily (aka Zombie plant because we were give it at a funeral), Francis and John-Paul the prayer plants. I don’t want to tell you what I named my African violets because they are not socially acceptable.

So now we can count the days until it’s warm enough to party on the deck and I can Cathy the coffee plant outside for the summer. She loves the hot humid summer weather. So do I.

This is my goal, ripe coffee cherries.

Almost Spring

This doesn't look like spring!

It is March now and everyone is optimistic that we will have an early spring. I don’t remember if March came in like a lamb or lion but I don’t really care, lamb or lion I just want to get my feet warm. I used to really enjoy winter being an avid cross country skier, snowshoer and winter camper. I even slept in snow caves in Algonquin Park. Now I watch golf on the television and with my feet stretched out in front of me hoping the sun from Hawaii or Florida will warm them up.

I don’t have a lot of news about Coffey’s Coffee except that we are still a sponsor for the St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage and their terrific program of acoustic music. I hope you have been following my reviews on .

What is interesting these days is the number of positive articles about the benefits of coffee, both health wise and on the world economy. Today I read a terrific article by Adam Pesce of Reunion Island Coffee entitled “How Coffee Can Change the World – Part 1. It appears on The Huffinton Post web site so I am just going to put the link here so you can directly to it.

Another great article on coffee and health can be found on the following web site. The thing I like the most about this particular srticle is that it treats coffee as a whole food and not just a nutrient empty source of caffeine.

OK, enough of the education stuff, let’s all just sit down and enjoy a fresh roasted cup of coffee now and relax. I’m going to put on a warmer pair of socks.