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A Christmas Story

My Alter Ego - Benny the Bean

October 3rd was my last post? Wow, where has the time gone. I guess I should update everyone on what has happened since then. First, the Long Sault Farmer’s Market ended for the summer but came back again on Dec 8th for a Christmas market. I also attended the Rothwell-Osnabruck Craft Show on November 23-24. Both events were very well attended and I sold lots of coffee.

Only one of the rooms at the R-O Craft Show 2012


As you can see the craft show is very popular in my little area of Ontario and it seems to be growing every year. Vendors were lined up in the hallways this year and they were all lined up to grab a cup of my famous brew.

Christmas Coffee Elf


Here we are at the Long Sault Farmer’s Christmas Market with my dancing and singing reindeer hat. There wasn’t enough room for Benny the Bean.

Anyway, Christmas is almost upon us and coffee seems to be a popular gift for many. This year, just for Christmas, I have created Coffey’s Coffee gift certificates so people can give the gift of coffee but still have it roasted fresh when that lucky recipient wants it.