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End of Summer 2012

I don’t have the book mentioned in the youtube video yet but you can be sure that I am going to get a few copies.

OK, two more days and summer is over. Three more Fridays and my Farmer’s Market is finished for the year. Thanksgiving will give way to Halloween and then the next thing you know it will Christmas and then New Years. Are you depressed yet? Let’s look at the bright side, the falling leaves, the first crisp frost, white glistening snow and you standing in  your house looking out of your window with a nice steamy hot cup of coffee in your hands.

You knew there had to be a commercial in there somewhere didn’t you. Anyway let me update you on my little roasting operation here in the metropolis of Ingleside, Ontario, Canada. I am using my new Solar roaster quite often now and depend on it for my larger orders. I did have to learn by trial and error the proper setting for each type of bean and I did lose a few batches while I was learning. I still use my old reliable 1 kg roaster for small orders and more expensive coffees like the Jamaica Blue Mountain because it just costs too much to burn a batch.

I have recently brought in a small bag of Hawaii Mocha to try. It is a peculiar bean. Very small in size, actually smaller than a peaberry. I find it is a typical mocha bean, light body and high acidity and the acidity comes across with an apple note. There are lots of other interesting characteristics but I’ll let you discover them yourself if you are interested.

I attended the Tasting In The Glen’s event in Maxville on the 8th of this month and it was a wild success. There were a bunch of wineries and breweries there and of course there was scotch tastings. The rest of the exhibition room was filled with specialty food vendors and of course Coffey’s Coffee was there to add caffeine to dull the alcohol. It was quite a party.

View from the coffee booth.

I think I will go to this event again next year. For the rest of this year the only event I have partially committed to attend is the R-O Craft show in November but you never know what I can be talked into.