Monthly Archives: November 2011

Book Launch and High Anxiety

OK, first the book launch. I happen to be one of the authors of a recently launched book called The Perfect Mix. No it has nothing to do with coffee other than this Coffey wrote one of the stories. This was quite a thrill for me being a published author. We had a party and almost all the other authors were there including our collective groupies. That’s true, when you are published you get groupies, or entourage if you like. We had cake and wine and we signed each others book. I felt like Richard Castle having people come up to me to ask for my autograph, quite an ego trip.

The Second Story Is Awesome

And now for the high anxiety…..First off I did my monthly profit and lose statement and there was more lose than profit. I am looking at another price hike if the cost of my green beans doesn’t come down. I need to buy another roaster and do some renovations on my garage to accommodate it but I’m not making any money to pay for it. ARRG!

The second source of my angst is an unfortunate accident with a deer. My van suffered $8000 in damage and the deer died. I still don’t know if the insurance company is going to pay to have it repaired or if they are going to write it off. I would rather have it repaired. I’m not ready to buy another new vehicle yet. I still have to show a profit on my coffee. In the short term I’ll just have to cut back on all my expenses for the rest of the year to see if I can at least hit the breakeven point.