Monthly Archives: May 2011

Coffey’s Coffee New Market Gig

Times change and in keeping with the times, it was time for a change. My previous market presence was not valued enough by the new market managers (or the City for that matter,) so yes, Coffey’s Coffee is moving. I will now be appearing at the Long Sault Farmers’ Market at the Long Sault Plaza. There are no fancy city sponsored wooden pergolas here, just  hard working local vendors with their trucks and tents offering good deals on local products. I made my commitment and have even bought a new blue vendors pop-up tent. I hope it doesn’t get crushed by the rain like my other tent did.

Coffey’s Coffee at the Market

One of the reasons for the change, other than the new management change for the Cornwall market, is that the hours of operation are from 2 PM to 6 Pm on Friday afternoons. Yahoo, no more getting up at 5:30 AM to be at the market for 7 AM to have coffee ready for the rest of the vendors and early risers by 8 AM. If you are one of those early risers then you know I am not a morning person.

For all of you who for the last two years came to buy some fresh roasted Coffey’s Coffee on Saturdays, not to worry. You can still get your coffee fix at Island Ink-Jet and Laser Toners on any day of the week except Sunday and of course you can always order your coffee right here by sending me an email or, if you are local, you can call me.